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Dimitry Hunter

PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor


Dimitry is thrilled to help players to improve their game and bring them on the next level. Run beginner, intermediate and live ball clinics. 

To contact coach Dimitry for the private lessons please call or text 858-735-5871. 

Clinton Young - Branded Headshot with P4L - Headset.png

Clinton Young

Founder of Pickleball 4 Life

PPR Certified Pickleball Coach

Pro Pickleball Commentator

As a Global Speaker and Founder of Pickleball 4 Life, Clinton’s work centers around inspiring happiness through play. 

In 2020, he discovered Pickleball and was hooked; not only for the fun of it, but because it shattered a limiting belief he held for 20 years that he could ever be competitive again in sports after several knee surgeries earlier in life. 

With a renewed sense of confidence, he started entering tournaments, became a PPR certified Pickleball Coach, and founded Pickleball 4 Life. 

On a mission to uplift humanity, Clinton is now traveling the US in his RV with his wife, speaking and leading Pickleball inspired events for corporations, schools, and charities to inspire mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being in our communities. 

He believes that Pickleball is more than just a sport. It's a catalyst for positive change! 

Follow Clinton on stages and Pickleball courts across the US by visiting, and on Instagram and Facebook at @ClintonSpeaks and @ClubFreedomLive. #Pickleball4Life

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